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Broadoak College

Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College A High Performing Specialist School

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Catch Up Funding

Catch Up Interventions 2015-16

16 students started below expected level in English (9% of intake)

23 students started below expected level in Maths (13% of intake)

Funding spent on:

  • Part fund 2X HLTAs to deliver Maths intervention (1:1 or small group)
  • Additional teachers in Maths and English (smaller groups)
  • Intervention English group
  • Reading and spelling intervention programme (1:1)

Alongside the specific literacy interventions, there is a College wide emphasis on promoting a reading.  This is noted as best practice by the DfE which cites Tumner (2008):  interventions focusing on these elements of reading [vocabulary and fluency] may also need to encourage pupils to increase the amount and range of their personal reading support their development (DfE, 2012).

Whole College promotion of reading includes:

  • Reading lessons as part of KS3 English curriculum
  • RWCM tutor group reps – weekly delivery of RWCM at KS3 as part of tutor time
  • Celebration of literacy events e.g. National Poetry Day, World Book Day
  • Displays across the College
  • Books included in other whole College events e.g. One World Week, Anti-Bullying Week

In Maths, the DfE quotes Slavin et al. (2009) and says successful secondary mathematics interventions included:

  • The use of cooperative learning methods
  • Classroom management
  • Motivation programmes
  • Pupil interaction

Additional teachers meant that there were smaller classes in Y7, facilitating strong classroom management and pupil interactions.  Schemes of learning in Maths encourage cooperative learning approaches.

Impact of interventions:


  • 35% of target students made expected progress
  • 39% of target students made better than expected progress in Y7


  • 19% of target students made expected progress in Y7
  • 25% of target students made better than expected progress in Y7

For the students who received 1:1 Reading and Spelling interventions:

  • In reading, average progress was 19 months*
  • In spelling, average progress was 10 months

*Note this is in line with the Catch Up Programme identified by the DfE (2012) as having a statistically significant impact on low attainers (at primary level)

Please click here to view our 2016-17 Catch Up Plan.