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Broadoak College

Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College A High Performing Specialist School

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Assessment Reports & Parents' Evenings

All students’ learning is carefully monitored to ensure they are making good progress and doing their best. Teachers check and assess students’ work to give feedback and set learning targets.

Your child’s tutor will play a central role in supporting and helping your child to progress. In addition to the day-to-day contact, your child will meet with his/her tutor at least once a year to discuss and review progress. It will also provide a valuable opportunity for your child and the tutor to identify areas for improvement and set achievable targets, which can be reviewed at the next meeting or before.

Parents receive reports three times a year to keep them up to date with their child's progress, and there is at least one Parents’ Evenings each year, as well as a range of ‘Parent Club’ activities designed to actively involve parents in their child’s learning. In addition, subject staff and personal tutors will be undertaking a ‘target-setting meeting’ and reviewing progress with your child.

2016/17 Parents’ Evenings:

Y7 Parents' Evening - Thursday 9th March 2017

Y8 Parents' Evening - Thursday 9th February 2017

Y9 Parents' Evening - Monday 19th June 2017

Y10 Parents' Evening  - Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Y11 Parents' Evening - Wednesday 11th January 2017

Y7 "Tutors Meet Parents" Evening - Wednesday 13th October 2016

Target Setting Evening (Yrs 8, 9 & 10) - Wednesday 7th December 2016

Y9 Preference Evening - Wednesday 1st March 2017